Sadness details

February 14, 2007


This might just be the Wii game I am looking forward to most. And it seems to be the game that has the least amount of information available. CVG have come up with some more details though. You play Maria, who has just survived a terrible train crash. She must look after her younger brother, Alexander, who lost his sight in the same crash. So far so normal. But then Alexander begins to act strangely…I need this game!!!  More new as I get it folks.

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Wii tweaks

February 14, 2007

Mario Kart 64

Litle bit of patching on the Wii today.  Mario Kart 64 and Military Madness both have patches available for free in the Shop Channel.  These fix some issues with the virtual console titles, incuding an bug in Mario Kart involving the character selection screen.

Another system update is also available, prompted if you download the new Everyone Vote channel.  This adds more information about where you stay so UK players can now choose from Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales.  This may also be used on the News channel, as Nintendo has promised greater localisation for that channel.

Wii gets philosophical new channel

February 14, 2007

Vote for mii!!!!

Now I challenge anyone to have predicted this one.  The new Wii channel which is now available for free from the Shop channel is a voting one.  Yup, Everybody Vote is a new channel on the Wii that allows you to vote on the important things in life, like do you prefer egg boiled or fried?  Do you prefer eating or sleeping?  No, I don’t understand it either!

There are worldwide and regional polls, and you can also predict how you think the vote will go.  Over time you can discover how close to the majority of people your opinions are.  Hard to see where Nintendo are going with this, but hey, they aren’t wrong very often!

You can love Zelda too much…

February 13, 2007

Zelda - it’s a beautiful thing 

There are lot’s of things that I take a little too seriously.  I’m sure most people do.  Whether it’s coming out in a cold sweat because there is a fingerprint on the TV screen, or employing scientific methods to ensure that the sensor bar is exactly centred to my TV, I have my fair share of peculiar obsessions.  But some people take things too far.  Sometimes you really should take a step back.  Jacob Stutsman is one such man.

For a while gamefaqs has been a home to people with obsessive behaviour.  You can look at maps showing every power up in a game, weapons are discussed and rated in frankly far too much detail – pretty much anything you could hope to know about your favourite game is on there.  And of course Zelda has it’s share of guides.  But a complete script for Twilight Princess?!  Whoa there fella!!

Ok, you have to admire the effort that must have gone in to make this.  Maybe admire is the wrong word.  Go on, have a look – you know you want to.  Jacob, we salute you.  But, to be fair, we are laughing at you too.  Sorry about that.

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Paper Mario in April

February 13, 2007

Super Paper Mario

Is this one of the coolest press releases ever?   This from Nintendo;

“Nintendo of America requests the pleasure of your company at the marriage of Peach to Bowser on the 9th day of April 2007.”

“The nuptials will take place at the beginning of Super Paper Mario, which will be available for Nintendo’s hot new Wii home video game system. Those who wish to attend – or thwart – the ceremony will need to switch between 2-D and 3-D.”

So Super Paper Mario hits the US in April.  The game has been a bit nomadic, originally due for Gamecube, so they ahve had plenty of time to make this a cracker.  No word of a European release date yet.

Source: [ign]

New Dragon Quest pics

February 13, 2007

You have to love Famitsu.  It always has interesting images of upcoming games, along with text that you can’t read.  Still, it’s always good to see new piccies so here, for your viewing pleasure, are some Dragon Quest images from the Famitsu site.  I won’t attempt to translate any of the text (I have seen some attempts and trust me, you’d be none the wiser), but suffice to say that the game is looking pretty nice.  Hopefully more details on this title will be revealed to  an english speaking world soon.

Dragon’s Quest  Dragon’s Quest  Dragon Quest  Dragon Quest

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Wii headphones – nice!!

February 12, 2007

What? WHAT?!

Now this is the sort of third party stuff Ilike to see!  Wireless headphones are just what you need if you want to prove that you are a complete loon.  Now not only will you be thrashing around as you try hack your way through Hyrule, you will also be doing it in silence.  Brilliant!!

These bins are from Turtle Beach who know a thing or two about audio.  If you didn’t already have rechargeable batteries, now might be the time to start stock piling them.  It’s a behind the neck job, which might not be to everyones taste, but they are colour coded with the Wii.  Which is nice.  $60 to you, my American friends.

Source: [maxconsole]