NES and SNES pads on Wii!!

February 6, 2007

Wii Pad Adapter Goodness!

If you’re the kind of person who likes their retro games, well, authentic, then you are going to love the latest retro add ons fresh from RetroZone.  The company has spotted what might just be a big gap in the Virtual Concert market, and come up with pad adapters that allow you to play SNES and NES games using the original pads.  $19 to you my friend.

Game on!  If anyone tries these babies drop us an email-we’d love to know what the Virtual Console feels like with the right tools.

Source: [retrozone]

Source: [cvg]


Super Mario World hits American VC

February 5, 2007

Super Mario World

Another SNES classic landed on Virtual Console today, as Super Mario World became available in the US. As usual this title will hit you for 800 points. As well as the Mario game, Vigilante (600 points) for Turbo Grafx and Gain Ground (800 points) for Mega Drive also turned up. Vigilante as a horizontal scrolling beat ’em up. No, I’ve never heard of it either. Hopefully Friday will see either Super Mario World or Zelda: Link to the Past appearing in the UK. Or both even..

We want Goldeneye

February 5, 2007

Surely one of the most eagerly anticiapted games that we want to see on the Virtual Console is Goldeneye.  From the days when Rare were Nintendo’s star developers this game took up more of my time than almost any other N64 title.  Will we ever see it?  Hard to say, what with Rare now being owned by Microsoft, along with lots of other copyright issues.  But we want it.  Big style.  Just in case you have forgotten what you can do with 6 polygons per character, here’s a little  reminder.

European Virtual Console releases 02-02-07

February 2, 2007

Gradius, NES

Another week, another lack of Wii releases here in the UK. Still, there are some nice retro moments just waiting for us in the Wii Shop. The NES title Gradius is available for 500 points. Released in 1986 Gradius has a fair old legacy of shooters, and this one is stil pretty good. It encorporates an intersting power up system where each power up moves a highlight along a bar, allowing Speed-up, Missile, Double, Laser, Option and ? to be selected. 500 points to you guvvnor!

The rest of the releases are Mega Drive titles. Gain Ground (guide your squad around each level freeing prisioners), Bonanza Bros. (great platform fun) and Comix Zone* action title with only one life!). For a detailed description of these try the ever wonderful Killer List of Videogames for more details.

*useless fact #1 – this game was released with a free bonus audio CD in the US, including tracks from Danzig and Julian Cope. Probaby the first and last CD they would feature on together!

NES – 500 Wii Points
Gradius (1986)

SEGA Mega Drive – 800 Wii Points
Gain Ground (1991)
Bonanza Bros. (1991)
Comix Zone (1995)

Stars mean Wii Points

February 1, 2007

Mario Loves Stars!

For a while there has been a bit of a rumour surrounding Nintendo Stars.  You see for quite a while Nintendo products have come with a special code.  Input that code on the Nintendo website, and you earn stars.  So for example Zelda: Twilight Princess gets you 250 Stars.  All well and good.  When you have earned enough Stars you can go and spend them on stuff from the Stars Catalogue.  What kind of stuff?  Well, rubbish really.  Wallpapers, ringtones… the sort of stuff that you can find with google in about 3 seconds.  But it would appear that all this is about to change.N-Gamer, a German magazine, is reporting that you will now be able to convert Stars into Wii Points.  Ah ha!!  At last, real reward for all my Nintendo loyalty over the years!!  Well sort of.  N-Gamer are suggesting that the conversion rate will be 4-1.  That’s 4-1 the wrong way.  So 4000 points would yield 1000 Wii Points. 

Rip off?  Depends on you point of view.  As far as I am concerned the Stars system has been pretty useless, so actually being able to get something with them might be nice.  But I’ll wait for an official announcement before I go spending like a loon.

Source: [nintendowiifanboy]

Ghost hunting with Mario Kart 64

January 31, 2007

Mario Kart 64

Ok, so Mario Kart coming to the Virtual Console was a good thing.  A very good thing.  The game might not look quite as peachy as you would like, but then neither do I.  Anyway.  Needless to say the gameplay in this title makes it a must buy, whether you know the series or not.  Thing is though, Nintendo seem to have dropped the ball again with regards to their memory management.  Sure, you can go through the various cups and Kart speeds, and the Wii will remember what you did.  But ghost data?  No.  Not with the onboard memory.  Not even with a 2Gb SD card installed in our little white wonder.  How annoying.  Please add this to the patch list Ninty folks.