3D printer madness!


Ok, so there are a couple of unexplained bumps and grooves on the Nintendo Wii Classic pad.  You just can’t put out a product like that and expect people to leave it alone.  So someone has gone and made a guess at what the mysterious appendages are for…

I made a clip that connects the Nintendo Wii remote with its brother, the “classic controller.” It’s my best guess at what the mysterious unused button and associated slots are for on the classic controller. The part has been featured on video game websites such as Kotaku & Joystiq, as well as Digg & Engadget.

While the video game side of the story is probably of little interest to you all, what I think is interesting (as a MechE & a Make subscriber) is that I used my lab’s stereolithography rapid prototyping machine to make it. With the aid of some calipers, I was able to draft up the solid model in CAD in about an hour. I sent it to the machine, where it made the part in about 2 hrs with absolutely no supervision (i.e., I was able to go off and do my “real” work).

In my opinion, this kind of application of reverse engineering is what makes the prospect of having desktop 3D printers so exciting in this Web 2.0 world.

So what can we really tell from this?  I need a 3D printer!!!

Source: [makezine]


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