It’s REALLY quiet today-let’s bowl!

Bowl! Oh…

As Microsoft might say, wow.  It’s really quiet today.  The Wii scene is sleeping folks.  Only mildly interesting thing to say is that the Wii is getting a bowling game.  Which is as far as I can see, it really doesn’t need.  Brunswick Bowling is coming nonetheless, ansd here is what to expect,

“The game features bowling centers, all set up after real Brunswick locations. There will be a Career Mode, where players can work their way up from an amateur to the professional ranks all during a year’s worth of bowling tournaments. There will also be a Multiplayer Mode for up to four people.”

No word on how much this is going to cost, but with Wii Sports in everyones collections it’s hard top see how many people would pay for another bowling game.  Surely if you are that into bowling you would just go, well, bowling?  I’m not the world’s biggest fan of he sport though, so maybe I’m missing something.

Source: [gamedailly]


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