You can love Zelda too much…

Zelda - it’s a beautiful thing 

There are lot’s of things that I take a little too seriously.  I’m sure most people do.  Whether it’s coming out in a cold sweat because there is a fingerprint on the TV screen, or employing scientific methods to ensure that the sensor bar is exactly centred to my TV, I have my fair share of peculiar obsessions.  But some people take things too far.  Sometimes you really should take a step back.  Jacob Stutsman is one such man.

For a while gamefaqs has been a home to people with obsessive behaviour.  You can look at maps showing every power up in a game, weapons are discussed and rated in frankly far too much detail – pretty much anything you could hope to know about your favourite game is on there.  And of course Zelda has it’s share of guides.  But a complete script for Twilight Princess?!  Whoa there fella!!

Ok, you have to admire the effort that must have gone in to make this.  Maybe admire is the wrong word.  Go on, have a look – you know you want to.  Jacob, we salute you.  But, to be fair, we are laughing at you too.  Sorry about that.

Source: [1up]


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