Nintendo: No-one got shot waiting for a Wii

Go get them, Perrin!

This remark might just be consiedered a little flippant, but it ceratinly shows that Nintendo can get down and dirty with the best of them.  Perrin Kaplan, VP of Marketing and Corp. Affairs for Nintendo was asked about the different approaches that Nintendo and Sony tok to their respective launches.  This is what she had to say;

 “Well, we didn’t have anyone in line that got shot waiting for our system. So there’s one sign of the different approaches between our two companies … I think Sony’s efforts were in trying to get the core gamer to accept and adopt it, which for them in the PS2 era, spread to the mass consumer. I think we were just really prepared. Years of experience doing this ensured that we would have a very good launch.”

Meow!  After Reggie making noises about online play this weekend, Kaplan went to to say that online games are a,

 “priority for Nintendo and you will see it.”

I am loving the online play talk at the moment!  No sign of a code-free system for joinging friends though, which is going to be a real pain.  Especially without a keyboard.  Kaplan also revealed that the release of Wii software has been done to protect are poor brains,

“I think if we had just taken the whole package, here are all the channels, here are all the online games, here are the Miis, the news, the weather, I just think it would have overloaded the mass consumer. So instead we began rolling everything out in a fashion where people can really understand it … We have more things coming, and online is definitely one of them.”

Thanks Nintendo, it’s good to know that you are looking after me.

Source: [gamespy]


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