Fight Night coming to Wii?

Fight Night Coming?

Part of the fun of a neqw console is that frenzied period just before and after launch when the rumour mill turns just that little bit quicker.  This game confirmed for that system, this game canned, this one no longer an exclusive…  it goes a little mad.  But this is straight from an interview that waas conducted by Dog House Boxing (no, I have never heard of them either) with Michael Blank.  Blank is the producer of EA’s Fight Night series.  Here’s what was said;

GM: The Nintendo Wii just came out. Are you planning on doing a version for that system with its revolutionary controller system?

MB: We’re talking about it right now. We’re contemplating and we definitely feel there are some exciting things we can do with the Fight Night franchise and the Wii. When you play Wii Boxing it is a very simple experience and I think that is what they designed it to be just to let you know that you can throw punches. With Fight Night we have an amazing simulation of Boxing and so we need to take those Wii controls and tailor it to what the Fight Night consumer might want to experience. We are looking at it right now and I am sure you will something some time in the future on the Wii.

GM: That’s going to end up being a helluva workout.

MB: (laughing) Absolutely. That’s good. We want people to get a bit of workout. If you like playing sports games and are excited by sports it is a good way to give you the best of both worlds.

Interesting.  Reggie and others have hinted this weekend that they were going to exploit the fitness angle of the Wii.  Could this be part of the plan?  It’s certainly a game that would work well with the Wii control scheme.  In saying that, I got tired playing the Xbox 360 version with a pad.  The mind boggle.  More news as we get it folks.

Source: [n-philes]


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