Reggie: Wii Online games are coming

Reggie - mad as a hatter

This is what we have been waiting to hear.  At D.I.C.E. this week Mercurynews cornered Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s very own wiivangelist.  And he had some interesting things to say on PS3, Wii longevity and online games.

Reggie reckons that the PS3 isn’t selling bacause it’s over priced and lacking killer apps.  No surprise there then. He did have a compliment for Microsoft though;

“They have done some things that are brilliant at Microsoft. We want to bring gaming back to the masses. Consumers are voting with their wallets and pocketbooks.”

Reggie points to Zelda when asked the now inevitable question about Wii being a gimmick that will soon lose it’s appeal.  He also pointed out that the same criticism was aimed at the DS, which has gone on to sell 35.6 million units worldwide.  For me though the best comment was that developers have online dev kits, and that we will be seeing the fruits of these soon.  Game on!

Source: [mercurynews]


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