Atari still suffering

AtariAtari have had more than their fair share of financial disasters of late.  Huge losses and a couple of stock market delistings have seen the company struggle.  So it’s nice to see that the company has at least some good news.  And that is that it’s net losses for last quarter were $700,000 (EUR 538,000).  Ok, that’s not immediately obvious as beng good news, but forthe same period last year losses were $4.8 million (EUR 3.6m).  Bloody hell.

Atari put out a couple of high profile games last year including Test Drive Unlimited and Nevewinter Nights 2, which are bound to have helped the situation somewhat.  Test Drive did not sell as well as the company had hoped though.  CEO David Pierce had this to say,

“Atari continues to focus on improving product quality and is committed to growing shareholder value,”

“Specifically, Neverwinter Nights 2, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi and Test Drive Unlimited achieved our targets of quality and market place acceptance on a global basis.”`

I am not sure what “market place acceptance on a global basis” means.  I suspect it means nothing.  Atari badly needs to get some new IP that will make them some money.  It looks like the existing Atari games have been flogged to death, with revenue for the nine months to December 31 only $95.3 million (EUR 73.2m) compared to $162.2 million (EUR 124.6m) the previous year.

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