There’s a lot of love in the room

I love you guys ‘n’ gals!

Guys ‘n’ Gals.  A big thank you is due.  I check the blog stats every day, and I appreciate each and every one of you that stop by to read my ramblings.  It’s only been a week since I started blogging on my own after having lots of fun writing for a site that regularly draws 80,000 readers, and although we are a long way from hitting those numbers, it’s great to see the numbers rising. 

Please let me know if there is something that you would like to see on the site, or something that you think could be improved.  If you ever think, “yeah the site is ok but if it did/didn’t do this it would be better” then drop me an email at

We are listed on Wii Top Sites, so if you could just once a day click on the graphic for that then we will attract even more people to our happy family. In case anyone is any doubt, this site makes exactly no money, so it’s purely a community thing!

Thanks again everyone. 



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