Misumi profits from Nintendo success

Wiimote - wii love it!!

There’s no doubt that Nintendo are enjoying something of a purple patch just now.  They have two consoles flying off the shelves, profits are soaring and the competition are being criticised left right and centre.  Good times for the Big N.  But it’s not just Nintendo who are smiling.  You know the Wiimote?  That beautifully designed wand of gaming goodness?  Well someone makes that.  And it’s not Nintendo.

If fact it’s another Japanese company, Mitsumi, who loving carve the Wiimotes from fresh slabs of control joy.  Probably.  Anyway lots of Wiis means lots of Wiimotes, and the company has raised its net profit forecast for the financial year ending March to 10.2 billion yen.  That’s around $84.54 million, which is a lot of pennies.  Matsumi attributes the rise in part to “far above market expectations” on sales of key parts for the DS and Wii.  Which is nice.

Source: [gamespot]


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