Charles Martinet interview

It’s a him! Martinet!Ok, so I didn’t think that I would ever be linking to a story that has appeared in The Sun newspaper, but there you go. They recently interviewed Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario. You can listen to the audio here.

Martinet has been the voice of our beloved plumber since the N64 title first allowed us to hear his voice. That was 16 years ago (now I feel old), and now it’s hard to imagine Mario sounding like anyone else. But Martinet nearly didn’t bother with the audition ;

“It’s the only audition I have ever crashed in my life,”

“I was at the beach and a friend of mine said ‘Why don’t you go and do this audition, it’s for an Italian plumber’. I wasn’t sure and wanted to stay on the beach.

“When I got there, the camera had already been put away in the bag but I said to the producer can I please read for this.

“They told me I was an Italian plumber from Brooklyn and I was going to be computerised at a show talking to kids.

“At that time, it was hard to think what the voice would be like.”

What I really wanted to know is can you make a living out of being the voice of mario? Well a quick look on the Internet Movie dataBase suggests that maybe you can. Martinet has 78 entries, and although there are some movies and the odd episode of Midnight Caller in there, most of it is videogames related. Which begs this question: which would you be more embarassed about-Mario Party or Midnight Caller? Or being in The Sun?  It’s a tough call.

Source: [god forgive me – The Sun]


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