No Unreal Engine 3.0 for Wii

Unreal Engine - not Zelda ;o)

Somehow I doubt that this will come as much of a surprise to anyone, but Mark Rein (Epic’s vice president) has stated in an interview for Wired News that there will be no Unreal 3.0 goodness on the Wii;

WN: It’s also tough to ignore the success of the Wii at this point. Do you guys have any plans to be in that space?

Rein: Hey, we’re in that space! Red Steel, Splinter Cell – those use our previous engine technology. But it’s not in our plans to bring Unreal Engine 3 to the Wii. It’s really designed for next-gen, high-definition.

As I say, no real surprise. Gears of War looks amazing using the latest Unreal engine, but then it should do with all that power behind it. That’s not what the Wii is all about. And if the dust gathering on top of my Xbox 360 is anything to go by (hey, at least it’s not overheating!), maybe Nintendo have got it right this time.

Source: [Wired News]


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