Recharge solution for Wiimote

Wii Charger - yes please!

The Wiimote is a most wonderful thing, but when I look at it sitting beside my Xbox 360 I can’t help but wonder why Nintendo couldn’t have given us some way of recharging the beast.  Batteries disappear all too quickly, and it hardly seems to be the most environmentally friendly way of powering you games.

Until Nintendo give us an official product to solve this problem, you could do a lot worse than use this solution from those clever people at Thanko.  They take power from one of the Wii USB ports (there, it’s getting used for something after all!) and the company claims that one 3 1/3 hour charge will provide 25 hours of swinging joy.   Sounds good to me.

It’s about time someone added USB+Wii and got charger.  Due for release this month in Japan, they are to retail at ¥3,480 each or ¥6,480 for two.  Any importers reading this – we want these.  Send us one for a review!

Source: [joystiq]


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