Nintendo cause PS3 woes

PS3 Queue

The race to pick up a PS3 is hotting up.  Retailer Virgin will happily take £50 deposit from you-but say that they can’t guarantee you a machine.  Why are they being cautious? Well they blame Nintendo.

It seems that the company is being careful what it promises to deliver after Nintendo failed to produce the number of Wii’s that it had promised to them.  Here’s what some Virgin representatives had to say on the matter,

“”All UK retailers were notified of their initial day one Wii allocations in October 2006, some six to eight weeks before launch.

“Nintendo delivered exactly what we said we would to retailers for day one and in many instances over delivered against the initial numbers retailers were expecting.”

“Nintendo made multiple and regular deliveries to retailers across the UK in the days following launch to try and meet the huge demand for Wii as much as possible.”

Hmm.  With retailers taking advantage of these situations (HMV online requires you to buy a PSP if you want to order a PS3 – for £675 – and they STILL don’t guarantee a machine on launch) it’s time that the hardware manufacturers sorted this out.  Maybe next time.

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