Zorro for Wii


Ah yes, the masked hero is hacking and slashing his way to the Wii.  Very little information on the game at the moment, with only a post over at Zoro Productions providing any information.

So what do we know?  Well the game is called The Destiny of Zorro, and it’s being developed by Pronto games and Zorro Productions.  The two companies are located in the San Francisco East Bay, so are close geographically as well.  Pronto seemingly create games around the SmaFF principle – that they should be small, fast and fun.  I know, it sound like another collection of sodding mini games doesn’t it?  They reckon this matches the titular hereo though,

“These elements almost match the character of Zorro himself, though to his adversaries, Zorro often appears larger than life.”

Uh huh.  Don’t you just love press releases?   There’s more though.

“The Destiny of Zorro  embodies the Pronto strategy – gameplay is showcased first.  The visuals are high quality, as are the audio and storyline.  The game is easy to understand, with challenges for casual gamers but with an interest level that will attract hard core gamers, too.”

Right you are.  If it’s all the same with you I’ll reserve any judgements until I actually see the game in action.  Right, I am off to practice making a big Z in the air with my wiimote.

Source: [zorro productions]


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