Wii is outselling PS3 by 4 to 1

Gimme a Wii!

The battle of the consoles rages on folks, and Japan is as important as ever.  Media Create Co. reported on Friday that Nintendo’s great white hope sold 83,754 units between January 22nd and January 28th. That’s a lot of Wii.  In the same time period the PS3 shifted 19,996 units.  Oh dear. 

Sony have already blaimed a 5% drop in earnings on the poor performance of the PS3.  The Wii meanwhile has been selling out everywhere.  While the PS3 is obvioulsy the more technically accomplished machine, the Wii is winning fans everywhere with it’s revolutionary control scheme and low price.  There is a long way to go of course, but Nintendo must be delighted with the way that things are going so far.

Source: [punchjump]


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