Pokemon has competition


Nothing, they say, is new.  But this might just be a little too close for comfort.  If I told you that a game was coming out that involves you catching creatures, training them, then pitting them against other trainers and their creatures, what would you think?  Pokemon!  No.  This is Spectrobes, a new RPG coming to the DS courtesy of Buena Vista Games.  Rip off?  Maybe, but there are a couple of things that make this a little (and I do mean little) different to it’s more famous counterpart.

For a kick off your creatures are dead.  To start with anyway.  Dig up the fossil of your creature, blow the dust and gunk away using the mic, and then shout into the mic to bring your beast back to life.  Strange?  You bet.  But at least Buena Vista have tried to do something interesting.  I can’t imagine this really giving Pokemon a run for it’s money, but for younger gamers this might just be worth a look.

Source: [cvg]


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