More bad news for Sony – PSP sales plummet

DS beats PSP

To say that the DS is popular is a bit of an understatement.  The world has gone completely crazy for it.  So far Nintendo has sold an incredible 36 million units.  That’s a lot of busy hands!  Between January 22nd and 28th 194, 526 units were sold in Japan.  I am amazed that 194,526 people in Japan didn’t already have a DS.  Maybe they are now collecting all the colours?  Anyway it’s an amazing figure, and it’s even moreamazing when you consider that for the time period it outsold the Wii (83,000) the PS3 (19,900) and the XBox 360 (5.  Nah only kidding, 7,300).  With all these handhelds being sold it’s no surprise that half the top ten software sales were for DS titles.

So where is the PSP?  Well it has seen sales drop by 72% for the same time last year.  It seems that just as the Wii is taking on the PS3 and winning, so the DS is beating the more expensive PSP.

Source: [punchjump]


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