Iwata: “In Japan every week is Christmas.” Cool!

Iwata Rocks!

Japanese blog meister Yukan Fuji blog has recently managed to get an internview with Nintendo supremo Satoru Iwata. Iwata is cautious when discuusing the success of the Wii;

“there will definitely come a time where it will stop selling. Even the DS hit a rough spell after selling 1.5 million units a month after launch. The flame was really lit a year after launch, after Nintendogs and Brain Age became big hits. With the Wii, we have to make good software just as we did with the DS.”

Fair enough, but it hasn’t half recovered since! On the subject of the current DS shortages in Japan, Iwata referred to a press comment from a while back that “In Japan every week is Christmas”. But he made the point that they were trying to solve the lack of units on Japanese shelves,

“We’re making and shipping 700,000 units per month domestically, but even then we’re unable to clear up the shortages.”

Needless to say that the Wii has a lot to live up to. Iwata insists that Nintendo are uyp to the challenge,

“So long as we continue the fight against the lack of interest in games from the general consumer, Nintendo will always be the challenger. For example, one challenge is in developing software that keeps people from saying they’re no longer interested in swinging the Wiimote.”

Sound promising, but let’s hope that they remember that they have a market outside of Japan this time around.

Source: [ign]


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