European Virtual Console releases 02-02-07

Gradius, NES

Another week, another lack of Wii releases here in the UK. Still, there are some nice retro moments just waiting for us in the Wii Shop. The NES title Gradius is available for 500 points. Released in 1986 Gradius has a fair old legacy of shooters, and this one is stil pretty good. It encorporates an intersting power up system where each power up moves a highlight along a bar, allowing Speed-up, Missile, Double, Laser, Option and ? to be selected. 500 points to you guvvnor!

The rest of the releases are Mega Drive titles. Gain Ground (guide your squad around each level freeing prisioners), Bonanza Bros. (great platform fun) and Comix Zone* action title with only one life!). For a detailed description of these try the ever wonderful Killer List of Videogames for more details.

*useless fact #1 – this game was released with a free bonus audio CD in the US, including tracks from Danzig and Julian Cope. Probaby the first and last CD they would feature on together!

NES – 500 Wii Points
Gradius (1986)

SEGA Mega Drive – 800 Wii Points
Gain Ground (1991)
Bonanza Bros. (1991)
Comix Zone (1995)


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