Wii an impulse buys says Sony

Wii Sales

If the new console war has proven anything, it’s that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all remember how to act in a playground.  Highly paid executives have been taking verbal swings at each other for months now, and Sony is the latest to try and take a swipe at the Wii. As well as claiming that Sony is shipping – and selling – 100,000 PS3s a week in the US, Sony Computer Entertainment of America spokesperson Dave Karraker has told the New York Times that he reckons the Wii is not in the samer league as the PS3;

“Wii could be considered an impulse by more than anything else,”

Karraker goes on to claim that Nintendo has made the Wii look more popular than it really is by keeping stock low. Nintendo refute this of course, insisting that they are shipping the same number of units as Sony.  I say who cares?  Just give us the games!!!

Source: [gamesindustry.biz]


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