Stars mean Wii Points

Mario Loves Stars!

For a while there has been a bit of a rumour surrounding Nintendo Stars.  You see for quite a while Nintendo products have come with a special code.  Input that code on the Nintendo website, and you earn stars.  So for example Zelda: Twilight Princess gets you 250 Stars.  All well and good.  When you have earned enough Stars you can go and spend them on stuff from the Stars Catalogue.  What kind of stuff?  Well, rubbish really.  Wallpapers, ringtones… the sort of stuff that you can find with google in about 3 seconds.  But it would appear that all this is about to change.N-Gamer, a German magazine, is reporting that you will now be able to convert Stars into Wii Points.  Ah ha!!  At last, real reward for all my Nintendo loyalty over the years!!  Well sort of.  N-Gamer are suggesting that the conversion rate will be 4-1.  That’s 4-1 the wrong way.  So 4000 points would yield 1000 Wii Points. 

Rip off?  Depends on you point of view.  As far as I am concerned the Stars system has been pretty useless, so actually being able to get something with them might be nice.  But I’ll wait for an official announcement before I go spending like a loon.

Source: [nintendowiifanboy]


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